5 things you need to know about Press Play.

5 things you need to know about Press Play.
15/10/2017 Link

Olha estas dicas super especiais que a Link esta trazendo para você recém formado em música e dança! O Trinity Laban Institute de Londres é das mais conceituadas escolas de Dança e Música. Inicialmente, a escola que leva o nome de Rudolf Laban, um precursor da dança contemporânea, tinha o foco exclusivamente em dança. Como é inevitável separar dança de música, naturalmente o instituto passou a se dedicar também à formação de músicos.

Saiba mais aqui sobre o Trinity Laban Institute e os Summer Programs da Link por lá.

Careers in Music Leading: 5 reasons to come along to Press Play
Thinking about the next steps after you complete your music studies? Starting out and looking for some guidance?
Here are 5 reasons why you need to come along to Press Play…

1. Get your foot in the door
One of the best ways to get started is to put yourself out there, whether that be through volunteering or shadowing, a social media presence, making and nurturing connections with employers or meeting people who are already established music leaders. Everyone has to start off somewhere and those in the business coming along to Press Play have their own journeys and experiences to share with you.

2. Find out what employers want
Do you really know what they’re looking for? Our visiting organisations and professionals are coming along to Press Play so that you can ask them your questions. Find out what they look for in potential employees and what they think makes a stand out candidate. They can also advise on further development routes such as postgraduate study, trainee schemes and one-off training days.

3. Know all of your options
Having an open mind and the willingness to explore a variety of work routes will get you far. There are so many rewarding possibilities available to musicians in education, teaching, community settings or arts organisations and being open to trying something new can introduce you to amazing careers that you perhaps never knew about!

4. Turn your ideas into reality
You don’t need to be a contestant on The Apprentice *sigh of relief* to get your project idea off the ground! It’s all about having the drive to make things happen. Press Play provides you with the opportunity to seek advice from experienced producers and find out about the practicalities and logistics of producing your own participatory music project.

5. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Being prepared to step out of your comfort zone is a hugely valuable way to learn. By coming along to Press Play, you can discover new and exciting career paths for you to follow and discover exactly what you need to do to get started. So whether you are in your first or last year of studies, recently graduated or just starting out, now is a great time to think about your future and get ahead on your career.

27 OCT 2017 10.00 -17.00h
Laban Building, SE8 3DZ
Light lunch and refreshments provided

£15 for Trinity Laban students
£20 for other students
£45 for standard admission

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